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We operate from Melbourne, Victoria, but connect Australia wide.

For any inquiries, please fill in the form and let us know how you prefer to be contacted.

Purchasing happens on the supplier's platform, enabling a smooth, easy and secure shopping experience. Locally Crafted doesn't control nor has any information about your order.

If you have any questions about our philosophy or how you can display your products on Locally Crafted, feel free to contact us.

Australian's first platform for sustainable goods and services.

Locally Crafted is not liable for any dealings, associations, grievances and other negativities between the suppliers and third parties suppliers, competitors or customers and any other associations. Locally Crafted will not be liable for content on its website that is accessed, misunderstood and/or misused by suppliers, third parties, consumers, members of the public or any other businesses.

Locally Crafted Goods and Services is the bridge between local Australian product makers and service providers and the public, looking for a sustainable alternative for our waste-based consumerism.

As visitor, you have again the choice who to buy from and support local businesses who contribute to a better world where less is more.

Locally Crafted is your starting point for sustainable buying.



Support local and artisan craftmanship.Browse through the listed categories or search for participating businesses within your state.