360 degree sustainability:
Inspired by the Japanese art form Kintsugi - golden joinery, where repairs are kept visible as part of the object's history, Locally Crafted implements a circular product life-cycle. This way production can be aligned with the care for our Planet,

We believe that once a raw material has entered the production process, it should keep on giving the material, side product or final object an everlasting purpose, founded by care and regeneration. What is no longer used is broken down into its components and treated as valuable raw material for the next purpose. End product, side product or scrap material can be considered as a raw material in another product life-cycle

To accomplish our 360 degree sustainability goal, each supplier on Locally Crafted has access to a member section where non-usable products are listed. These materials can be incorporated in another production cycle. 
We are proud to have established raw materials flow that didn't exist before our start up, as well as reduced the landfill costs of all our active suppliers.

Chris and Sagrys met while working for a commercial furniture provider. Soon it became clear that their view on serving clients with providing high-quality furniture and excellent customer service was entirely the opposite of the daily working environment of their employers. 
It didn't take much time to roll the idea to do better into a solid business plan.

Locally Crafted was born out of our personal desire to support local and sustainable furniture manufacturing. What was applicable for one specific industry seemed quickly to be true for other application areas. We also came across the understanding that the product life-cycle; from raw material to consumer is commonly seen as linear. Consequently the destination of an used product is non-defined. 

Locally Crafted selects local suppliers based on their craftsmanship to make high-quality pieces and the level of sustainability within the entire process from sourcing the raw materials to the ability to bring scrap material and side products back into production. 
Locally Crafted speaks to those who are passionate about the craft, the value of high quality products and their role within our lives along with their smallest footprint on the environment. 
Is every supplier perfect? No, but Locally Crafted engages itself to start the conversation with industry associations and industry experts to improve our ways  of converting raw materials into production and the life of a product after it has served us. Before we reach a full circle sustainable economy, we all need to improve our ways of manufacturing and mindset. The suppliers presented on Locally Crafted Goods and Services have taken that first step towards a better way of living. Join us by supporting them, and by doing so, supporting industry specific projects that will change even further the way we consume.  Locally Crafted works through 'fair' contributions from its suppliers. A part from this revenue is brought back into the community by donating a percentage to industry specific projects that enhance and increase our ways of living in a sustainable way.


Communtity Support:

Locally Crafted bases its revenue on a rather uncommon business model. We believe that each business presented here, should be able to value this platform without the need for fixed terms or fee structures. We don't charge a set-up or maintenance fee, or any sales commission. Our revenue is composed from 'fair ' contributions, made by the suppliers.

From those contrubitions, Locally Crafted is dedicating a certain percentage to support sustainability enhancing or increasing projects. The percentages per industry will be revealed at the correct time, as well as which projects will be supported. Each industry presented on Locally Crafted will receive its own project.

As Locally Crafted is a NFP, we will also select a generic project to which we weill derive any profits at the end of our fiscal year.