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BEEFitUP Australia is a campaign of the Australian Horizons Foundation. Our mission is to provide social and economic support to rural communities.

BEEFitUP Australia is a social enterprise supporting rural communities and paying homage to our farmers – and has the slogan: “Get some beef between your teeth”

Funds are distributed back into the local communities and for other “town-boosting” initiatives.

And by using BEEFitUP as a “platform” people congregate and have fun times in their pubs and restaurants, with spin off entertainments such as PLAYitUP, QUIZitUP and TALKitUP.

Rural communities are the first ones to face non-sustainable actions in their daily lives. And are also the first to actively implement ways to become more sustainable. 

Think about recycled water usage at the pubs and motels or recycled packaging for take-away meals to reduce the amount of landfill.

When you donate $5 for a paddock, we will send you two stickers (one for you & one to pay it forward). Your donation will be kept in trust at the Australian Horizons Foundation until the team heads out to a small community. There we give them a night out and the opportunity to catch up with their mates at the local pub. Mental health matters and having a laugh and catching up with mates is the best medicine. Why the pub?

Simple! The local pub is the hub of the community. It is the place where people have gone since the doors opened to celebrate hatched, matched and dispatched, to catch up with mates over a drink and a meal.

The local pub contributes to the local economy and employs local people.

Australian Horizons Foundation is a ACNC Registered Charity.


A Charity, supporting Rural Communities  


BEEFitUP Australia 's YouTube Channel


Watch 'One Night in Blighty' and check out how Australian Horizons brings the daily struggle of mental health in rural areas. Their support and stand-up comedy acts at the centre of the community boost the moral.


Or watch 'What he Said' and hear how you can assist this amazing foundation.

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Phone: 0407 343 920