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Conservation of Biodiversity and Ecosystems

Sustainable Architecture with Conservation of Eco-Sytems & Biodiversity



DesignLife Consulting is an Australian architecture agency that brings a holistic design approach to stakeholder facilitation and collaboration to define the design brief, provide a strategic solution for project development readiness and investment decisions.

DesignLife Consulting provides site specific sustainable social designs and strives for carbon neutral solutions. 


❖  Practice is registered with the Victorian Architects Registration Board (Australia).

❖  Practise has a broad range of built environment experience such as residential developments, large complex mixed-use building types including commercial, institutional, cultural, community, sports & recreational and industrial.

❖  Practise services include: stakeholder briefing, feasibility studies, strategy planning, urban design, master planning, architecture, interior design and project management.

❖  Contribution to the field of architecture: research & development to portable architecture, in order to reduce our impact on global warming.


Key practice principles of DesignLife Consulting Pty Ltd:
- A commitment to carry out a creative and thorough briefing process to understand and develop client’s requirements for a project through consultations or workshops,

- In depth investigation of the context of the site and local precinct, its physical, cultural, historical and social attributes,

- Propose a design solution responding to the context of the site in a dynamic and relevant manner,

- Creating a physically beautiful built that is enriching the lives of its occupants,

- Incorporate passive environmentally sustainable design principles,

- Apply a deep understanding of the practical application and technical expertise with emphasis on pragmatic space planning, lighting, materials, finishes, climatic and budgets.

- Managing front-end project life cycle and feasibility model for business investment decisions.

- Conservation of ecosystem and biodiversity.

- Development of sustainable society. 


UPDATE 2021: DesignLife Consulting is also undertaking Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) projects under the NDIS


Contact Founder Designlife Consulting and Architect Dikesh Bilimoria 

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