Up to 90% Up-Cycled Materials
Established Circular Economy
Locally Handmade

Up-Cycled Self-Watering Planters and Wicking Beds

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Phone: 0451 815 872 

At Eco-wick we are designing and building sturdy long-lasting products, such as self-watering planters and wicking beds.

Our handmade sustainable garden products are using mostly upcycled materials based on permaculture principles and aiming at establishing a circular cooperative economy. With climate emergency, resource depletion, increasing inequality, and devastating pandemics there is an urgent need to transform how we interact with the planet. It is unavoidable, we’re at historical crossroads and we have to rethink the way we design, produce, and consume.

Up-cycling is a big part of what we manufacture locally and it is design imperative at Eco-wick. Up-cycling is the process of transforming by-products, waste materials, and unwanted materials into a new form! Eco-wick takes discarded, but nevertheless durable, materials out of the waste stream of other industries and gives them a second life.

We know that our self-watering planters and wicking beds will be used, enjoyed, and at some point discarded. That's why we only use up-cycled materials that can be later recycled or naturally decomposed.

The majority of our current designs use up to 90% up-cycled materials. We keep working on increasing the degree of efficiency of our products so our relative impact is minimized.

Your team at Eco-wick: Julian, Tilly and Gali.