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Hemp based Gin and Vodka with Natural Sustainable Distilling Methods

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Natural Distilling Co focuses on Tradition, Innovation and Community. None of us will go much further unless we focus on sustainability, both in our local environment and on the global scale, which is why they're committed to distilling the best spirits using te most natural methods.

An unusual outlier was waiting in left-field: cannabis/hemp. Now, don’t get them wrong – marijuana and “getting high” aren’t what the Natural Distilling Co is about, but hemp is one of the most interesting and beneficial crops in the world. With the federal government legalising it in November 2017, the path was clear to put some fresh innovation on the agenda.

Rhys’ career path had previously led to him working in Australia’s medical cannabis industry for some of the nation’s leading commercial organisations, and he realised that this innovative crop of the future had huge potential as the perfect opportunity for the family, the farm, the community and the distillery.

Rhys applied for a license to grow hemp, paving the way for the distillery to have a vertically integrated supply chain. And so the final piece was in place to create the Natural Distilling Co many steps down the road from that initial batch of whiskey. 20-to-30 tries later, they came up with gin and vodka recipes that everyone they spoke to truly enjoyed.

They’re passionate about their expanding range, with a delicious diversity of local farm-grown superfoods currently at the trial distillation stage. They currently make Australian craft gin and vodka, distilled with hemp. They take pride in making their spirits as healthy and natural as can be.

Now they can’t wait to introduce their beautiful spirits to you...