Traditional Cold-press Handcrafted Soaps

Nature Inc is known for its Handmade Cold Process Soap Collection.

We have a range of vegan soap with a variety of benefits for a healthier you.

Our soaps are made only with locally sourced products and handcrafted through a traditional cold-press Japanese process. 

Nature Inc.'s entire production embraces a very sustainable approach, where we ie. source locally recycled coffee grounds to make our Grounded Coffee Soap.

Supported by the coffee waste recycling initiative, we tap into our local Ballarat community to get more cafes on board. We accumulate as much coffee waste as possible from our local cafes and give in exchange our composted coffee grounds to our local farmers as well as recycling the grounds into our soap.

We also source our honey from our local friends Peter & Jane from Backyardhoney Melbourne. Peter & Jane are advocates of biodynamic beekeeping which ensures premium quality honey and optimum bee health. Their Red Gum honey and 100% raw Multiflora honey are used for our Honey Oat Milk Soap range.All the ingredients used in this product are locally sourced to help raising awareness around the qualities of honey and beekeepers initiatives to populate more bees for our future generations.

With our Australian Olive Soap with Saponified oils, we even go a step further. Locally sourced and grown olives make this one of our most eco friendly zero-emission unscented soaps. We are currently working out ways to asist reducing waste by collecting cooking oils from local cafes and restaurants. By eliminatingany excess or impurities during the production process we bring forward a new line of eco-friendly Saponified Oil based Soaps. At the same time, we help, together, Australia to recycle a very difficult waste product. 

Reina and Li are your eco-sustainable soap experts and you can visit their stall at the Ballarat Sunday market.

Nature Inc. brings a strong anti-plastic ideology by only using recycled paper for their packaging.

Watch this space for their upcoming newly made vegetable based soap collection.


Recycled Raw Materials
100% Recycled Packaging
Vegan Product
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