• Circular economy - An Understanding

    Business practice has traditionally been linear with focus on maximising profits, production and efficiencies and less focus on sustainability and environmental impact.  Globalisation, better supply chain practice and an increasing population has resulted in a fast-growing world economy, accelerating the global economic growth rate and damaging the environment at an alarming rate.  Hence something needed to change.  So why is a closed loop strategy better than traditional business practice? 

  • Nature Inc.

    A traditional method of manufacturing is used known as cold pressed. This method involves extracting oils from natural ingredients by using a press. It is a more socially and environmentally responsible form of extraction without using chemicals. Nature Inc prides itself on social responsibility, sustainability and local supply and has incorporated it into the business. For example, its coffee soap is produced from local recycled coffee grounds, using it to manufacture and compost whereby...

  • Sustainable Distiller of Hemp Based Spirits | LocallyCrafted

    Locally Crafted is excited to partnership with one of our newest members, Natural Distilling Co. Natural Distilling Co is a company founded upon strong values, tradition, innovation and community as its core focus. These core attributes are reflected in the way the company operates, reflecting sustainable practices and local inclusion, while offering high end unique alcoholic and associated products. The business is based in the heart of Victoria’s dairy country, Gippsland, South East Victori…

  • Big Blue Cosmetica

    In an industry with a chequered past, Big Blue Cosmetica has taken a stance. Tina realised the need and wants for beauty products to be harm free. Products applied to your skin are absorbed into the body. Toxic chemicals and known irritants are still being added to beauty products, which begs the question, do we really know what we are putting in and onto our bodies?

  • Leading Circular Economy of Up-cycled Planter Boxes | LocallyCrafted

    Locally Crafted is proud to partner with and welcomes one of our newest members, Eco- Wick Australia. Eco-Wick’s views of a circular cooperative economy and passion for permaculture is reflected throughout the business and its products. Eco-Wick is based in Melbourne, Australia. The team at Eco-Wick (Julian, Tilly and Gali) have thought hard about the business and its products. Ecological and social impacts are at the forefront of design, resulting in unique, high quality, eco-friendly wicking…