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    Locally Crafted is proud to partner with and welcomes one of our newest members, Eco-

    Wick Australia. Eco-Wick’s views of a circular cooperative economy and passion for

    permaculture is reflected throughout the business and its products. Eco-Wick is based in

    Melbourne, Australia.


    The team at Eco-Wick (Julian, Tilly and Gali) have thought hard about the business and its

    products. Ecological and social impacts are at the forefront of design, resulting in unique,

    high quality, eco-friendly wicking beds and self-watering planters. The products can be used

    for indoor or outdoor use, for ornamental and edible plants. Eco-Wick’s products can be

    found at www.eco-wick.com.au.


    Eco-Wick is at the forefront in business structure and thinking, setting a standard for others

    to take note. Ingraining values on a circular economy, coupled with ecological and social

    impacts within business and product design is a standard all businesses should make

    mandatory. Not just within one's business, within a supply chain as a whole. Especially in the

    current market, where weakness in the economy regarding local production has resulted in

    Australia’s high reliance on imports, negatively impacting the economy and increasing the

    global carbon footprint. It shows a responsibility each business has economically, in terms of

    monetary flow throughout the local market and environment valuation. Incorporating this into

    a business is usually seen at a tier 1 business level, implemented via expertise through

    education and business learning. It reflects the level that Eco-Wick conducts itself and the

    impacts companies can have, whether large or small.


    Eco-Wick has gone one step further, incorporating circular economy and environmental

    impacts to its entire supply chain, from sourcing, production, product use, and the end of the

    products life cycle either in re-use or finalized by being biodegradable. Eco-Wick’s products

    are manufactured from approximately 90% up-cycled materials. While recycling is good,

    using up-cycled materials for manufacturing is better, as again it reduces the carbon



    Eco-Wick is a smart, well thought out company, with clever design and unique products. It is

    easily apparent from the surface to view where they currently stand and conduct themselves

    as a business. Others should take note and do similar, to progress to a more sophisticated

    and stronger local economy and environment.


    Locally Crafted - Your Sustainable Choice



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