Plastic-Free Products for a More Sustainable Future

    Locally Crafted is proud to partner and welcomes one of our newest members, Reverse IndusTree.  Reverse IndusTree is passionate about climate action, this is reflected throughout the business.  The business is based in Melbourne.


    Joel Courtidis is the founder of the business and is extremely passionate about climate change, especially about the actions we can take to make a difference for future generations.  Seeing various negative impacts (i.e. deforestation, CO2 emission) by current industry practices instilled a drive to do something about it.  Noticing a high reliance on the manufacture of consumer based fossil fuel based plastic products, Joel saw a gap in the market.  A market that provided limited sustainable product alternatives.  A decision was made and Reverse IndusTree was born.


    Reverse IndusTree sells a wide variety of sustainable plastic-free products.  Products include dental, personal hygiene, sun care, food packaging, kitchen and other categories that can be used and re-used daily by consumers.  Reverse IndusTree products can be found at Plastic-Free Store | Reverse IndusTree (reverse-industree.com.au).  All products are quality tested with a focus on procuring locally from Australian manufacturers.


    Joel’s passion for climate action is seen not only from the products sold but through the entirety of the business.  Reverse IndusTree’s mission statement and Venn diagram says it all, where selling sustainable products is only part of the bigger picture.  Education plays a large part, where the mission statement focuses on educating consumers on sustainable practices through Reverse IndusTree’s Eco-Blog and social media platforms, to make informed decisions and change.  The Sustainability Venn Diagram outlines integrated categories required for a move to an improved and sustainable liveable future.  


    Reverse IndusTree is a passionate business, moving forward towards a sustainable future through education and informed consumer decision.


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