• Circular economy - An Understanding

    Business practice has traditionally been linear with focus on maximising profits, production and efficiencies and less focus on sustainability and environmental impact.  Globalisation, better supply chain practice and an increasing population has resulted in a fast-growing world economy, accelerating the global economic growth rate and damaging the environment at an alarming rate.  Hence something needed to change.  So why is a closed loop strategy better than traditional business practice? 

  • Plastic-Free Products for a More Sustainable Future

    Reverse IndusTree’s mission statement and Venn diagram says it all, where selling sustainable products is only part of the bigger picture.  Education plays a large part, where the mission statement focuses on educating consumers on sustainable practices through Reverse IndusTree’s Eco-Blog and social media platforms, to make informed decisions and change.

  • Supply Chain Requirements in a Circular Economy

    Suppliers are offered support from Locally Crafted and industry associations to boost business, link with other suppliers to obtain materials that can be re-used or create a partnership... It was found that support was offered to business although generally through a 1 to 1 basis, businesses where left to go it alone in a pool of competitors, making it hard to be singled out from consumers...