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Over 12 years ago, Aris' bee keeping interest began. He had just purchased a home and was retro fitting it with solar hot water, solar electricity and double glazed windows to try to minimise his family’s impact on the environment. He was replanting the garden with plants that either provided a food crop or a cut flower. He rarely ever saw any bees in the garden and this was a worry.

While at the Collingwood Children’s Farm, there were five very wild looking hives. Aris made an enquiry and was asked to visit when the beekeepers were opening the hives. There he met a fellow by the name of Graeme, who threatened to bring a hive of bees to his home. 3 days later he did, the rest is history.

Their philosophy

  • If it ain’t broke, don’t mess with it
  • If you can’t eat it you shouldn’t be putting in on your body
  • Add value to Australian Raw Materials
  • Never compromise on quality
  • Raw materials in any product we make must be the best available


The 3 Bees creates over 16 different raw honeys. Bee hives are moved constantly to create a close to 100% raw honey from one specific source.


Source Specific Raw Honey 

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