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Email: admin@environmentalprintingco.com

Phone: 08 9271 1569 

From the very beginning, owner Craig Campbell set about finding ways to print with minimal impact on the environment. He began experimenting with vegetable-based inks, and discovered that the quality of print was in no way compromised.

Craig continued to implement environmentally friendly practices, and word of their ‘radical’ approach to printing quickly spread.  More and more environmentally conscious individuals and businesses began using their services; green groups employed them to produce all of their printed materials, and in no time at all, Campbell’s Printing was transformed into The Environmental Printing Company!

Today, The Environmental Printing Company is an industry leader in green printing.  They are constantly seeking new ways to reduce their environmental footprint, and many of their innovative methods have been adopted by environmental groups and major organisations as the new ‘environmental standards’.

The Environmental Printing Company is incredibly proud of what they have achieved over the past three decades.  They have experienced first-hand the changing attitudes of society.  No longer are we the ‘radical’ little printing company from WA; today they are leading the way in the charge to protect our planet.

We invite you to browse their website to learn more about their sustainable printing techniques and the wide range of services that they provide.